If it’s a Swident branded dental unit, you can rest easy.
It’s a sure sign it’s as reliable, safe and precise as a watch.
From design to assembly, from the choice of materials to quality control, every stage is carefully monitored to construct the perfect mechanism.

It is Swiss, so you can trust it.




About Us

Switzerland, 2000. A Swiss financial and industrial group, with important expertise in electronics and a vocation for the medical sector, decides to invest in the dental equipment industry.

To do so, it chooses Italy, and one region in particular: the Bolognese dental units district, which already has an internationally renowned production chain.


Just what you were missing


… because a good partner never leaves you

“You can always count on a Swident dental unit. It has Swiss reliability that protects you from any surprises. It has an Italian soul, which stands for quality, thorough testing, and attention to detail. That’s why working with Swident is a pleasure: no machine downtime, no need for assistance, no discomfort for your patients. Work goes smoothly when you have a valuable partner by your side.”


… cutting costs, not quality

“High performance does not mean high consumption. Swident dental units are built to optimise costs through efficient day-to-day operations. They allow you to work simply and logically, increasing the quality of your professional life and the profitability of your clinic.”


… because simple is beautiful

“Swident technology is your friend. Easy, intuitive, designed for people who actually use it. Activate controls, adjust instruments and choose settings in just a second. No need for tutorials or complicated instructions. It’s how the world should be: click, switch on, work.”