About Us

Switzerland, 2000. A Swiss financial and industrial group, with important expertise in electronics and a vocation for the medical sector, decides to invest in the dental equipment industry. To do so, it chooses Italy, and one region in particular: the Bolognese dental units district, which already has an internationally renowned production chain.

Bologna has the technologies, skills, advanced services – making it fertile ground for growing new entrepreneurial projects. This is how Swident came into being, by joining together the very best of two countries: Swiss technology and brains; Italian manufacturing and design. It is a unique combination, producing high quality dental units that are beautiful to see and comfortable to use, which have made a name for themselves in dental surgeries around the world.


Swident aims to be the best possible ally for professionals. This is the company’s mission, summed up in its claim: “We support your profession”. The dental unit is the heart of the clinic: it includes all the work instruments and is where the dental team interacts with the patient. It must be welcoming and functional, safe and reliable in order to keep downtimes to a minimum. This is why Swident has focused strongly on the reliability of its dental units and on rapid technical support, to ensure clinics enjoy continuous operations and better profitability. Swident offers professionals not just a simple dental unit, but a veritable work concept: safe, efficient, customisable, capable of adapting perfectly to the professional’s style.

Ecology and sustainability

Swident has always been attentive to ecological themes. All of its products are designed with the minimum number of components.The various materials are easily separated, so that when the dental unit comes to the end of its life cycle, it can be easily dismantled and the majority of elements recycled.

Production and design are organised in order to reduce environmental impact to a minimum and safeguard resources. Ecology goes hand in hand with a focus on social fabric: Swident believes in sustainable, locally based enterprise that operates for the common good.


CISQ/ICIM S.p.A. has issued the recognized IQNET certificate for the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification schemes, notified by the Ministry of Health for the certification of medical devices.

CISQ/ICIM S.p.A. certifies and guarantees the safety and reliability of the products marketed by SWIDENT.