Swident, always attentive and sensitive to hygiene and safety in the workplace, is the first company to offer you the possibility of installing the Swipure LGB filter on all dental units. This filtration device is specially designed to prevent legionella in dental care.

  • It completely eliminates the bacterial load and viruses in the mains water supplying the dental unit water circuit. The Swipure LGB filter is certified by the Department of Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Parma, which also validated its maximum service life in operation.

  • Totally blocks all microparticles over 0.05 microns (sand, limestone agglomerates, algae and organic residues) in the mains water, protecting anti-reflux valves and rotating instruments from possible occlusions. The Swipure LGB filter is CE, NSF and TUV certified.

  • Another important aspect of this device is its additional activated charcoal filter, which is useful in preventing algae formation, deodorising and dechlorinating water, and removing toxins (ATC code: A07BA01), antibiotics and fungicidal agents.

  • The filter is also certified for pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  • A further indication of safety is the filter’s service life, which has been certified to 8000 litres in operation and 1 working years. Index proven by recognised institutional bodies. Swipure LGB protects you in every sense. Legally, because it relieves you of all liability. And hygienically, because it protects the dental team and the patient from the risk of contamination. Dual safety by Swident.


An independent supply system, comprising a pressurised container that enables the use of distilled water for all service table instrument sprays and the assistant’s syringe.

It also enables the ducts to be disinfected manually with dedicated liquids.